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Basil Gunn

Can you provide the login password or direct me where to get it
Google is your friend;pp=1&s=l

1. Your questions don't have anything to do with udrc or draws. You
would be better off asking them on the direwolf site.

2. If you use the NWDR image the APRS server password is automatically
calculated & added to the direwolf configuration when running the
initial config script.

3. There are many places to get your APRS server login passcode.
The nwdr image uses a C program from Xastir. Look at
n7nix/direwolf/ around line 230.

# Get the n7nix repo
git clone
# Go to the directory containing the callpass source code

cd n7nix/direwolf/
gcc -o callpass callpass.c
# run the program
./callpass <your_callsign>
Passcode for <your_callsign> is <some_5_digit_number>

4. The gps on the DRAWS hat requires gpsd version 3.18.1 or higher to
operate properly. You most likely got your gpsd from the Debian
repositories which is about 2 years old. Verify your gpsd version number:

gpsd -V

5. Not really motivated to support people that want to build their own
custom image from scratch. Not that you shouldn't, just that I don't want
to support you doing it. What is your compelling argument for not
using the supplied image?


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