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Paul Noa

Paul Noa

16:15 (1 minute ago)
to udrc
Thanks for your response.
1. Your questions don't have anything to do with udrc or draws. You
would be better off asking them on the direwolf site. 
In fact I am using UDRC/Draws for my application I have three units. However, WB2OSZ was listening on your group and solved my issue with the length of the passcode.
It just turns out the passcode I used was my APRS.FI login due to my ignorance!!
 2. If you use the NWDR image the APRS server password is automatically
calculated & added to the direwolf configuration when running the
initial config script.
That explains why I saw my made up callsign on the APRS-SI server before I got my license while running Direwolf on the NWDR14 image.
3. There are many places to get your APRS server login passcode.
The nwdr image uses a C program from Xastir. Look at
n7nix/direwolf/ around line 230.  
Thanks for that info not sure how I would have known that, as all of the documentation I have used to install and configure assumed one would know that.  But Pete@AE5PL was kind enough to inform me that WB2OSZ, the author of Direwolf, would provide one.  I have not used Xastir.
As I have not heard back from him I will Get the n7nix repo and run the program.
4. The gps on the DRAWS hat requires gpsd version 3.18.1 or higher to
operate properly. 
Right you are! I am running 3.17 version of GPSD, will upgrade it. 
5. Not really motivated to support people that want to build their own
custom image from scratch. Not that you shouldn't, just that I don't want
to support you doing it. What is your compelling argument for not
using the supplied image?  

Understood,  You had been helping me a couple of weeks back but I suspect you became annoyed at my inexperience, rightfully so.  I realize you are incredibly busy and did not want to waste your time and further embarrass myself.  However, I am highly motivated to reach my goal and therefore took a different path and after some progress I contacted support@ NWDR and Bryan worked with me to a point.  That point was when I needed my ARL. Which I tested for the next day and passed, KO4BCZ.
My subsequent attempt to get back on track with Bryan has failed. Not to be derailed I marched on and have made significant progress with help from others.
Believe me I need and want your support.  But I can also see the traffic and noted the NWDR15 image was a priority and assumed it might consuming your time.

I recall Bryan mentioned that he would consult you on my apparently simple application.  Easy for him to say. LOL 
While waiting to hear from Bryan I continued on.

I have three RPi 3's, one with my own build and one with the NWDR14 build, one spare.  I have been more successful with my build but not so much with yours, with all due respect Basil I find it tedious to jump back and forth from one URL to another trying to follow three different paths for installing, configuring and testing, which why I sought your support in the first place.  I am getting better at it though realizing it is the nature of the beast

I am certain I am close to having the NWDR14 image running but not hearing back from Bryan stymied that process.  I would much appreciate you support getting it running as I still have not reached my goal.

Best regards,


So I hope find my argument compelling enough to continue to support the three units which I purchased.

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