Re: #direwolf #direwolf

Basil Gunn

I have three RPi 3's, one with my own build and one with the NWDR14
build, one spare. I have been more successful with my build but not so
much with yours,
And exactly (with console output) what problem are you having with the
image? Also, when you get a chance, switch to the NWDR15 image.

with all due respect Basil I find it tedious to jump
back and forth from one URL to another trying to follow three
different paths for
If you use the NWDR image there is nothing to install.
If you do your own custom install you are on your own.

Follow the 'Getting Started Guide'

and testing,

So I hope find my argument compelling enough to continue to support
the three units which I purchased.
Like I said before if you use the image you will get my support. If you
make your own custom install, post your questions on the forum and maybe
someone will answer.

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