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J P Watters <kc9kko@...>


This is still a beta work in progress. Basil has done and outstanding job at making this work. 

There really isn't an UNDO script for running the getting started scripts after entering bad or erroneous information.
Entering a Bogus call sign and an associated invalid password would not be good. 

It would appear that running the scripts the first time with a BOGUS call sign has some pretty real effects. 
Like never being able to connect to APRSIS with a Bogus Call Sign and an invalid password that was not generated by the CALLPASS algorithm. 
When I saw that the script reported that it was not the first time it had been run, that pointed out that a fresh image would be 
likely the best plan.

Start with a fresh NW15 image and most importantly  'Follow the 'Getting Started Guide'

Members of our radio club and myself have had regular success following the getting started guide.
When we have changed our minds in the initial configuration we have found it best to start with a fresh image. 

..jpw J P Watters

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