Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn


Give me a day or 2 on this one ( mail tab gives an error “Unable to
communicate with the PLU Websocket server).

I think that the web server enabled with the standard paclink-unix
install might be interfering with the nixtracker web server.

David Lowry <> writes:

Basil, I will really enjoy this interface in the truck. A quick
question, on the CTRL tab, what do I type in the Confirm box?
So I have been using nixtracker since before the Raspberry Pi when NWDR
made their own CPU cards. At that time it was handy to be able to
'shutdown' & 'reset' the CPU card from the Web interface. I believe the
confirm for each was 'down' and 'reset'. See

Using the DRAWS card on an RPi I can detect when I shut my truck off by
reading the voltage ie. running off 12 V you can just run the 'sensors'
command. See n7nix/tracker/ script. When the voltage is
less than 13V I know my truck is off and the RPi is running on
battery. I have the power for the RPi coming off the Powerwerx ITS-12

so I can do a polite shut down within a couple of minutes after I shut
my truck off.

That was a long winded explanation for why I don't use the CTRL tab any

A more complex question... if it is not a simple answer and you don’t
want to answer, I understand.

In my hands, the mail tab gives an error “Unable to communicate with
the PLU Websocket server.” I realize this feature may not be supported
at this time or I have set up plu and nixtracker in the wrong order
for this to work. At this point I have no localhost:8082. Earlier, I
had both 8081 and 8082, but still the same error on the mail tab.
Let me check on this.

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