Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn

David Lowry <> writes:

Ahh! I see now how the lvd renders the Ctrl tab obsolete. I didn’t
make the connection yesterday. I’ve been shadowing that development
since it appeared in the NWDR change log. My son bought me the its-12
for Christmas.
The its-12 is nice gift!

The history of my mobile APRS device is like this. I was going to an
APRS event & installed nixtracker on the UDR cpu card (not an Rpi) about
7 or 8 years ago and powered it from the cigarette lighter in the
truck. This was supposed to be a temporary setup that I eventually ran
for about 8 years. Note that the cpu card didn't have any power
protection & was powered off/on with the ignition key. That setup worked
flawlessly for about 8 years ie. same mSD card for that time was never

I did not want to run the same experiment with the RPi and now have the
its-12 powered from the truck battery set for 2 minutes. This allows me
to easily detect a voltage change using a DRAWS hat & beacon one last
time when I leave my truck then do a polite shutdown. I've been running
this setup for about 3 months.

Thanks for all your help. As always, no rush. I really wanted to try
plu and nixtracker with a fresh image a third time but that won’t
happen until tomorrow. Claws mail and the wl2k commands work.
I will do some testing over the next couple of days.

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