Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn


I'm still testing but this is what I had to do get things working.

The script disables pluweb.service and starts
tracker.service so that is why your previous web connection stopped
working. That is by design.

You should be able to connect to the tracker server in a
browser with: <ip_address>:8081 where ip_address can be localhost if you
are running on the RPi.

To make this work:
# I believe only uid-number module is not installed but checking the
# other required modules doesn't hurt.

sudo npm -g install ctype iniparser websocket connect serve-static finalhandler uid-number

As root edit /etc/tracker/aprs_tracker.ini
In the [station] section mycall = <your_call_sign>
In the [gps] section comment out with a '#' type=serial
In the [gps] section UNcomment (remove '#') type=gpsd

I've made these changes to the install script so you won't have to do
this manually next time & added a tracker-status script to verify a
couple of things.

To get the new scripts:
cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

Also when you get the web page to render if the satellite count is zero
then you may have to pull the latest track source to get a small fix I
put in a while back & forgot to check-in. Check the 3rd panel for
'Locked: 0 sats'. I'll walk you through that later if that turns out to
be the case.


Basil Gunn <> writes:

David Lowry <> writes:

Ahh! I see now how the lvd renders the Ctrl tab obsolete. I didn’t
make the connection yesterday. I’ve been shadowing that development
since it appeared in the NWDR change log. My son bought me the its-12
for Christmas.
The its-12 is nice gift!

The history of my mobile APRS device is like this. I was going to an
APRS event & installed nixtracker on the UDR cpu card (not an Rpi) about
7 or 8 years ago and powered it from the cigarette lighter in the
truck. This was supposed to be a temporary setup that I eventually ran
for about 8 years. Note that the cpu card didn't have any power
protection & was powered off/on with the ignition key. That setup worked
flawlessly for about 8 years ie. same mSD card for that time was never

I did not want to run the same experiment with the RPi and now have the
its-12 powered from the truck battery set for 2 minutes. This allows me
to easily detect a voltage change using a DRAWS hat & beacon one last
time when I leave my truck then do a polite shutdown. I've been running
this setup for about 3 months.

Thanks for all your help. As always, no rush. I really wanted to try
plu and nixtracker with a fresh image a third time but that won’t
happen until tomorrow. Claws mail and the wl2k commands work.
I will do some testing over the next couple of days.

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