Re: Problems with Winlink handshaking on VHF and no power to transmitter on HF

Jack Spitznagel

Dave, Basil, All,


Apologies, I probably should have retitled this message to call out the problem with the IC-7000. I do not want to hi-jack the original thread, but it is worth continuing the HF element of it.


If you look back about a year ago in the archives, you’ll find that I reported exactly these “symptoms” with my IC-7000 using both of my DRAWS boards (one is an “early-early” adopter board, the other is an early adopter board). With both boards, my FT-817 works fine with HF programs. Both a RigBlaster and a SignaLink will drive the IC-7000 without these issues even though the settings are a little touchy because the audio drive level has to be turned way down.


I have copied Dave’s settings below because they agree with my findings. As Dave discovered, tremendous amount noise is introduced as the DRAWS output settings are reduced below about -20 db or so. I never was able to completely overcome the DRAWS HF audio drive level issues on the 7000. As Dave pointed out, fldigi can be forced to work with an ugly signal due to the inability to reduce ALC with the DRAWS board in its “clean” audio output range. And like Dave’s experience, the latest make of wsjt-x generates too low output so transmit does nothing. JS8CALL is a complete non-issue for me, I have no need for it and I have not played with winlink/paclink etc.


Just before I gave up, I tried using a multiturn pot as a simple attenuator and was “sort of” successful transmitting a clean signal with fldigi but never got around to making up a cable that had the right voltage divider built into it. That would not have solved the wsjt-x problem anyway.


Since the FM side works well, the 7000/DRAWS combo has become my 24/7 APRS transceiver – provides a “blackhole” fill-in xastir node service here in north central MD running xastir.  The FT-817/DRAWS combo is part of my “go kit”.


I believe Basil did experiment with his friends IC-7000, but if I recall correctly, only determined that the FM output could be made to work, but I can’t remember if he actually took a crack at the fldigi/wsjt-x over HF problem and was able to duplicate it. That was about the time I forced myself to stop fooling around with the DRAWS board because it was making me increasingly obsessive (like not getting real work done).


It would be great if these problems could be solved!



Jack Spitznagel




3a.          Re: Problems with Winlink handshaking on VHF and no power to transmitter on HF

From: Dave Christensen

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 03:36:02 UTC

I did read and apply the settings for the IC-7000.



For FLDigi I have to change the ALSA settings from Analog = -3, Digital gain = -16 to 20 to Analog=-2.00 db and Digital = -8.00 db just to get clean audio.  Lower gain settings produces noise - no clean tone with FLDigi Tune turned on.  The signal is so hot that I can not get the ALC below full scale on the meter.   I lower the gain and the noise comes back  One interesting thing is that the sound card available for FLDigi selection is “udrc: bcm2835-i2s-tlv320aic32x4-hifi tlv320aicx4-hifi-0 (hw 1,0)”  


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