Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn

remark;, line 8, -> I
Changed comment to be consistent with actual name of

question; same file, lines 14-18 give the crontab entries. I had to
add ‘root’ as user to those lines like the other lines in /etc/crontab
in order to get lvd shutdown working. I’ve seen this before when you
were teaching us how to use and crontab to beacon. Again, no
‘root’ Or any user specified in the crontab lines you wrote. It makes
me wonder if I am messing with the wrong crontab file? Pardon my
The comment in has a crontab example which points to the
/home/pi/tmp directory. This is wrong & only used for
development. Changed the example to use the local bin directory
/home/pi/bin and updated script to include the tracker script.

See commit here:

To update:

cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

You shouldn't have to be root to run the the
script. ie. the crontab should be used by default user (pi).
You can test this out by running the script and verify that
it doesn't return with an error. You are confirming that the 'beacon'
command does not need to be run as root.

cd n7nix/debug

I tested this on my bench & it looks ok. Later on this afternoon I will
pull the mSD card from my truck & verify.


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