Re: Problems with Winlink handshaking on VHF and no power to transmitter on HF

Basil Gunn

I believe Basil did experiment with his friends IC-7000, but if I recall
correctly, only determined that the FM output could be made to work, but I
can't remember if he actually took a crack at the fldigi/wsjt-x over HF
problem and was able to duplicate it.
You recall incorrectly. Below is the link to email sent after we
successfully set up an IC-7000 for FLdigi Olivia 8-250,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%23ic7000,20,2,0,28894545

Ignore this remark as the udrc/draws driver is now in mainline linux kernel.
"You must use the latest udrc-dkms driver (1.0.5)"

In a previous post it was mentioned that the contents of that email were captured here:

/Basil n7nix

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