Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn

I got it now Basil. Thanks. My ignorance of Linux is shining
through. Every user including the system gets their own crontab. I was
using the system’s crontab.

time to go read about Linux os
I would suggest to learn about Linux have an idea about something that
you want your Linux system to do then google away until you figure it

got all my wires and coax fished in the truck. Install tomorrow!
Terrific!! Send me a pic when it's done.

i notice in the YouTube you pointed me to, there is no debug panel. Do
you toggle that panel on/off or leave it there all the time?
I currently leave it there all the time. I'll have to look into getting
rid of it.

also, one of the rotating beacon messages indicates a digipeating setting?
That's just a filler I think left over from Dan Smith's configuration
from a number of years ago.

You can easily customize your beacons by looking in the
/etc/tracker/aprs_tracker.ini file in the [comments] section
You set up which beacons you want to rotate through then enable them
with the enabled = line
I would change the #4 beacon to something else.
Variables are defined between pairs of $.

enabled = 1,2,3,4
1=Using nixtracker $ver$, gps sats $sats$
3=Software $ver$
4=Set path to TEMP1-1,WIDE2-1 to digi
5=Test: Number of sats $sats$, version $ver$, date $date$, time $time$, voltage, $voltage$, index $index$, temperature $temp1$, sig qual $digiq$, call sign $mycall$


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