TS-480 Interface #kenwood #flrig #wsjt-x

Jonathan Visser

I am working to test WSJT-s on the latest image of DRAWS image.

I have connected a USB to serial adapter plugged in to the COM port on the radio and have a DIN cable between the UDC0 and the data port on the radio.   I have configured FLRIG and I have seemingly full control of the radio.  I have the ability to transmit and the tune button will tune the antenna.

WSJT-X is configured using FLDIGI as the transmitter.  I can see the waterfalls and the messages are decoded.  I can change the frequency of the radio through WSJT-X.  Th issue I am trying to figure out is WSJT-X will not transmit.  If you press the tune button or enable TX the radio never keys up.  I am sure I am missing something basic, and was hoping someone could point me in the correct direction.  

Jonathan N9TJX

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