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Charles Blackburn <wx4cb@...>

not using a draws yet, but i am using ham radio deluxe on my laptop and i have the settings as below, just remember for it to accept out of the data port, you need to tell it specifically to use the correct TX cat command (there's two). as per page 21 of the command manual:

IIRC it's TX1

TX - Sets the transceiver in TX mode.
Parameters: P1 0: Normal (SEND) transmission using MIC input
1: DTS transmission using ANI input
2: TX Tune transmission

If no P1 parameter is specified, P1=0 is used.

radio: HRD


TX Audio Source Rear/Data

ModeL None

Split: None

hope this helps


On 2/5/2020 12:00 AM, Jonathan Visser via Groups.Io wrote:
I am working to test WSJT-s on the latest image of DRAWS image.

I have connected a USB to serial adapter plugged in to the COM port on the radio and have a DIN cable between the UDC0 and the data port on the radio.   I have configured FLRIG and I have seemingly full control of the radio.  I have the ability to transmit and the tune button will tune the antenna.

WSJT-X is configured using FLDIGI as the transmitter.  I can see the waterfalls and the messages are decoded.  I can change the frequency of the radio through WSJT-X.  Th issue I am trying to figure out is WSJT-X will not transmit.  If you press the tune button or enable TX the radio never keys up.  I am sure I am missing something basic, and was hoping someone could point me in the correct direction.

Jonathan N9TJX

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