Re: Nixtracker

Basil Gunn

Thanks for trying out nixtracker

I have Nixtracker running on my pi 3b with draws hat installed. I have
two radios connected. UDR0 is attached to a radio on our local packet
freq and runs a Winlink Gateway. UDR1 is connected to a radio on our
local aprs freq.
I am able to see aprs info on the Nixtracker on
another machine.

However in the Sats window I have Zero sats. the
window reports nodata. gpsd is running on the Pi and has a good
Link following is the commit for zero sats problem fixed for the DRAWS
gps device about 10 days ago.

Below are the instructions for updating the nixtracker source. I will
have a script that does this by the end of the day. Also make sure the
port = line in the [gps] section is commented out in the nixtracker
config file.

The change is in a C file so you will need to get the new file and
rebuild. In the config file /etc/tracker/aprs_tracker.ini make sure
in the [gps] section that 'port =' line is commented out like this:

#port = /dev/ttyUSB0

To get new source file, rebuild & install.

cd dev/nixtracker
git pull
cp aprs ~/bin
cd bin
sudo ./tracker-down
sudo cp ~/dev/nixtracker/aprs /usr/local/bin
sudo ./tracker-up

The nixtracker web page should display an 1006 error, you should be able
to refresh the page & have the tracker running again.

/Basil n7nix

I read in this forum that there is something that needs to be
done to make this work but it appears those instructions were taken

The other question I have is there a way in the MSG tab to select
which port on draws the aprs message goes out?
When an ax.25 app (like nixtracker) starts up it binds to an ax.25
socket which requires a physical port. So there is no easy way to select
a port other than changing the 'port =' parameter in the [ax25] section
in the nixtracker config file & restarting the app.

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