XASTIR unable to start interface



Now with XASTIR running I am attempting to set up the interface with DRAWS via Interface Control:

   Interface type AX25 TNC, and  AX.25 Device Name  udr0.

Interface START has no effect, the interface remains DOWN.  I have tried moving the radio (FT-817) mini-DIN connector to the DRAWS  right mini-DIN and set the AX.25 Device Name to udr1. This interface also does not START.

I have checked that.
  1. Direwolf and AX25 are running (ax25-status)
  2. APRS packets are being received successfully (tail -f  /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log)
  3. APRS position beacon sent ok (verified with aprsfi).

Again, I have had XASTIR operating successfully using the same XASTIR interface setup with earlier versions of the Compass image.

I wonder if there is some other parameter(s) that I have forgotten about.

John KM7LJ

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