Re: XASTIR unable to start interface

Basil Gunn

Hi John,

Two solutions
First it is mentioned in the Xastir INSTALL file and in their FAQ
that to use AX.25 the xastir run time file must be setuid.

sudo su
cd /usr/local/bin
chmod u+s xastir

After the xastir binary permissions should look like this:
ls -al
-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 1178192 Jan 6 13:34 xastir

Also you could try using Xaster interface AGWPE localhost:8000.

I will add this to the Xastir install script.
/Basil n7nix

jgindc1@... writes:


Now with XASTIR running I am attempting to set up the interface with DRAWS via Interface Control:

Interface type AX25 TNC, and AX.25 Device Name udr0.

Interface START has no effect, the interface remains DOWN. I have tried moving the radio (FT-817) mini-DIN connector to the DRAWS right mini-DIN and set the AX.25 Device Name to udr1. This interface also does not START.

I have checked that.
1. Direwolf and AX25 are running (ax25-status)
2. APRS packets are being received successfully (tail -f /var/log/direwolf/direwolf.log)
3. APRS position beacon sent ok (verified with aprsfi).

Again, I have had XASTIR operating successfully using the same XASTIR interface setup with earlier versions of the Compass image.

I wonder if there is some other parameter(s) that I have forgotten about.

John KM7LJ

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