Re: AX.25 Desktop Icons #a25

Basil Gunn

I found that ax25-stop and ax25-start set the icon on the desktop to
the opposite condition.
The icon represents the action that will occur if you click on it.

If there is an AX.25-control icon with an X through it, then ax.25 is
running and clicking on the icon will stop AX.25

If there is just an AX.25-control icon then ax.25 is not running and
clicking on it will start AX.25.

At least that was my intention.
Disclaimer: the majority of my RPi's run headless. A friend of mine
wanted an easy way to start & stop ax.25 and gave me the icons so there
you have it.

Personally I would run split channels so one channel is always running
packet & the other is running some HF program ... unless you want to run
two different HF programs on two HF radios.

/Basil n7nix

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