nixtracker msg ack?


If I send an APRS message with the tracker to my home station, and the ack box is checked, I do not see the ack response from the base station. I can see that the base station sent a packet in the 1-8 station list though. I can also see the base station ack message in the raw packets on See KE7RGP, no SSID, on That is the base station. KE7RGP-3 is the tracker. This message panel is not letting me cut and paste.

Finally, I can see that the tracker has no retries so I believe it is registering a received acknowledgement.
When I disable transmit on the base station, the tracker will report four retries.

Should the message panel on the tracker show the ackxxxx message from the base station?

I’ll play around with it some more...

tia, David

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