Re: Just to be clear. What pins are for CAT?

Chris Metcalf

Related-ish, does the "Accessory Connector HDR-4X2M" connector have another standardized name if I wanted to source a connector for it? I currently have female header jumpers connected to it, but I'd like something more robust.

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On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 3:54 PM John D. Hays <john@...> wrote:
CAT is not part of the mini din interface specification.  It was created as a standard long before CAT was popular.  

Most CAT control is done using USB to serial cables specific to the radio model and using the 4 USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.

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I am going to make some cables, starting with CAT control.

What pins on the  L/R mini dins are for cat levels plaese?

I will keep struggling with the software at a later stage.

It is all very muddy, as there is not a simple how to list that I can find.

The use of external interfacing is used by a lot of people trying to explain theur setups.

I just want to get the Draws /Pi up and running non remotely at first.

Without a basic how to, I feel a lot of hams like me will find it tedious etc, to get up and running.

It genuinely is quite confusing sorry to say.

I love the concept however, so am prepared to learn.

cheers guys.

73, John VK5PO

John D. Hays
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John D. Hays
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