G90 / HamMadeParts Cable / FLDigi

Michael Sharp

Hello all,
I am beta-testing a new cable from HamMadeParts. I have the cable connected from the DRAWs Hat to the G90 ACC port. After some considerable configuration, I finally got it mostly working. Here is what I have so far:

Audio out can be directed from RPi to UDRC or through HDMI to monitor. I do hear CW or RTTY when I click T/R on the FLDigi screen

The radio will start to transmit. PTT does work, but... there is no signal being sent to the radio. No RTTY or CW to be seen on the G90’s display. I can hold down on my CW key, and see the old familiar spike on the display, but nothing seems to be going out of the DRAWs hat for any sort of modulation or signal, nor any transmission from the radio.

On the DRAWs manager, I have the IC-880AF rig chosen. In FLDigi, I have PTT tone on right channel audio selected, and in GPIO I have BCM 23 selected and on “= 1 (on)”

I’m pretty close to getting this to work, but need a little help. Xiegu has a CE-19 interface that provides PTT, AF, and DATA. i did have a look at all pins coming from the DRAWs Hat when T/R was active, but I did not see anything that looked like a signal coming from the DRAWs Hat.

Any help appreciated!

-Michael / KD9MED

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