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What could prevent transmitting with DRAWS Hat running NWDR15 on Pi3 B+ ?
Addendum to my last question Why no transmit?
I just did a fresh install to confirm that the text in the "Getting
Started" Guide works consistently.

Thanks for the console output from all the commands. In the future you
can just run the script which usually gives enough output to
solve problems.

First to answer how to debug transmit problems:

Start from a clean install. Editing any configuration files is
discouraged until you can confirm things are working. In your case
/etc/ax25/axports file has been manually edited and is misconfigured.
The /etc/direwolf.conf file may also be manually edited and misconfigured.

1. Check cable to radio. Is it a custom cable? In your case you should
be using the left hand mDin6 connector.
2. Radio turned on?
-When running scripts or
3. Does you radio indicate that it transmits when running either of the
above scripts?
4. Does the transmit led next to the mDin6 connector on the DRAWS card
come on when running either of the above scripts?
5. Tune an HT to the same frequency used by your radio attached to the
DRAWS card. When running the script can you hear a

Until you get the above tests working I would not try to figure out why
your receive is not working either.

Things from your console output that require fixing:

Either start from a fresh install (recommended) or fix your /etc/ax25/axports file.
Mar 19 19:38:04 ASAwizard bash[564]: axconfig: duplicate callsign KO4BCZ-10 in line 6 of axports file
Mar 19 19:38:04 ASAwizard bash[564]: kissparms: invalid port name - udr1

You said that you did not see any console output from the listen command
yet your direwolf log file sees your beacon test output:

Mar 21 15:08:12 ASAwizard direwolf[479]: [0L]KO4BCZ-11>APUDR1,WIDE1-1::KO4BCZ :21 15:08:11 EDT KO4BCZ mesg_beacon test from host ASAwizard on udr0 Seq: 21

This indicates some ax.25 misconfiguration. Note that if you just follow
the "Getting Started" guide you should NOT have to edit any
configuration files.

Focus on your transmit problem first then look at receive.
Tune your radio to the national 1200 baud APRS frequency (144.390 MHZ),
turn audio up & squelch off. You should hear some/a lot of traffic and
you should see that traffic in your 'listen' console or 'tail -f
/var/log/direwolf/dirwolf.log' console.

Receive problems are usually due to cable mis-wired, incorrect ALSA
parameters or radio misconfigured (AFOUT/DISCriminator).

/Basil n7nix

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