Re: Easy and fast way for Mac users to backup/restore their RPi SD card

Charles Blackburn <wx4cb@...>

it's mach so it's *nix based. just use the DD command and be done with it...

eg: SD card is /dev/sdc

dd if=/dev/sdc of=MyPiSDCard.iso BS=2048

to write it back just swap the parameters around.


On 3/22/2020 1:29 PM, Brian K7BLS wrote:
For several weeks I’ve been fiddling with various schemes to backup and duplicate an RPi SD card using my Mac. I tried several approaches from websites using the Terminal and they were all slow and failed at some point.

Then I discovered ApplePi-Baker V2

Very easy to install on Mac from the website. Do follow the directions.

I created a backup of the SD card to Mac as .zip and compressed. Starting from a 16 GB SD card it took 18 minutes and only used 6.6 GB in storage.

Very easy to restore to another SD card and took 24 minutes.

THE RESTORED IMAGE WORKED ON THE RPi!!!! All controls from a GUI, not Terminal. You get to watch the progress on a dial with estimated time remaining and a detailed log.

Many thanks to Basil N7NIX and Clark K7LRK for support and encouragement.

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