Re: Easy and fast way for Mac users to backup/restore their RPi SD card

Basil Gunn

I did find, though, that if you put an image that is triggered to grow
when it's booted, it will only grow to the size of the original card.
The image that NW Digital Radio provides has been tested on 16, 32, 64 &
128 GB micro SD cards and in each case expands to fill the target SD
card to full capacity. I use Drewsif/PiShrink in a custom manufacturing

Happy that you find the ApplePi-Baker V2 script useful. Brian K7BLS did
all of the leg work for confirming that utility.

I burn A LOT of mSD cards and found dcfldd to be more reliable than dd.

For more information that you probably don't care about I time each make
image & burn image task.

Time to burn an image:
real 7m31.833s

Time to make an image
real 3m10.482s

I'm going to use it too. Why not make things easy?
Yes, indeed.


Richard - VE7CVS <> writes:

I set up some scripts (using dd and such) to make loading SD cards easy
for a high school Physics teacher who uses Pis in her classroom.

Not too hard to use - but I'm going to move her to ApplePi-Baker
(whenever school opens again)!

I'm going to use it too. Why not make things easy?

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