Paul Noa

Bryan, Basil, et al,

The more I think about my tx/rx problems I have come to the point it must be the alsa settings.

This area is new to me.  So I have been looking for guidance on setting that up under audio #hashtags.

I found this correspondence:
David, you are right!

100ohm Resistors we’re incorrectly Stuffed as 100k creating a 20dB attenuator.

I should have caught it when we had the cap problem.

With the new run, 8 Components were stuffed incorrectly:

C17, C20 (0603) should be 0.1uF but 10uF was stuffed

Easiest Fix is to Remove

R20, R21, R26, R27, R39, R40 (0603) 100ohms but 100kohms was stuffed

Easiest Fix is to solder 100ohms on top (in parallel)

Assembly has current stock in for re-work.

We’ll make it right for boards in the field, whatever it takes.

I’m out of the office until January 6th.  

I am at work now but will verify my hats don't have the wrong parts populated.

Otherwise any further guidance on setting alsa would be helpful.


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