Basil Gunn

1. Edit /etc/ax25/axports
You are using the same call sign & SSID for both devices. That
happened when you configured the direwolf SSID to be 10. Change it to
something other than 10 like 1.

2. Why did you choose the IC-7000 alsa script? That script uses ALSA to
route the receive audio from the radio discriminator. Is that how
you've configured your Hyteria TM800-U?

3. Can you provide a pin out of the cable you are using to connect to
your radio to the DRAWS hat. Also which connector(s) are you using on
the Radio?

4. Your RPi throttled at some point due to over heating. Did you install
heat sinks?

5. Debug transmit then receive. Use measure_deviate
( to
put a tone on pin 1 (transmit audio) of the mDin6 cable.

6. You very well may have a DRAWS hat that was stuffed with incorrect
components but you have a number of things that are mis-configured.

/Basil n7nix

Paul Noa <> writes:

I was monitoring 144.390 MHz with second rcvrand only heard a couple APRS transmissions.
which might also been when the alsa settings were from the IC7000 script.
I copied and pasted every step in the attached txt file

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