Paul Noa

1. Edit /etc/ax25/axports
You are using the same call sign & SSID for both devices. That
happened when you configured the direwolf SSID to be 10. Change it to
something other than 10 like 1.
# I did not know what to put there yes I will try 1 rather than ten,
# do I need to start from scratch or can I run the config file again?

2. Why did you choose the IC-7000 alsa script? That script uses ALSA to
route the receive audio from the radio discriminator. Is that how
you've configured your Hyteria TM800-U?
# I am using the IC F-521 VHF now. I will use the TM800-U in the future which is UHF for my application which is not APRS. I am just trying to get the DRAWS Hat working so I can move on to my development application.

3. Can you provide a pin out of the cable you are using to connect to
your radio to the DRAWS hat. Also which connector(s) are you using on
the Radio?
#Please see my last message

4. Your RPi throttled at some point due to over heating. Did you install
heat sinks?
#No Heat sinks, but will do!

5. Debug transmit then receive. Use measure_deviate
( to
put a tone on pin 1 (transmit audio) of the mDin6 cable.
#At work now will do that this afternoon

6. You very well may have a DRAWS hat that was stuffed with incorrect
components but you have a number of things that are mis-configured.
#Please see my latest outputs (Previous Message) from the clean fresh install if something is mis-configured
I do not understand where I am going wrong 

Thanks Basil,

I appreciate your Indulgence
I hope my perseverance can match it

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