Re: RTC time: n/a


The RTC on DRAWS™ is really a backup clock for the GPS. 

It is set by the GPS when the GPS is locked on a sufficient number of satellites. 

It keeps running as long as the HAT has power. If the DRAWS™ looses power, the backup battery can keep the RTC running for a cumulative 40 days (Subtract the time the power is removed), then the battery must be replaced and the GPS  must reset the clock. 

Are you getting GPS lock?  Are you leaving the DRAWS™ powered at all times?  Is your backup battery good?

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020, 07:17 Mike B <kf5dey@...> wrote:
First I would like to say, thanks to the documentation and how to videos spread throughout the inter-tubes I have my DRAWS setup mostly working.

A continual problem I have is the GPS...and it might even be associated a bit with RFI...tbd.

However in troubleshooting, I run (in the n7nix/gps folder)

RTC time always shows n/a.   Is that because the pi doesn't see the RTC?   Is there any way to see if the RTC is working and has the correct time? 

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