Re: RTC time: n/a

Basil Gunn

The GPS device on the DRAWS hat is an S1216 Family GNSS Module.

This device is not a traditional RTC so there is no RTC wired up to the
Device Tree Source Files loaded by the Linux kernel. What it does provide is a
battery backed-up time source that operates with chronyd like an RTC
To verify that your time source (GPS) is working, run the
script which checks the chronyd & gpsd daemons to verify the S1216 GNSS
module is working and providing an accurate time source. For example
from 'chronyc tracking' which is run from the script.

Ref time (UTC) : Sun Mar 29 14:26:55 2020
System time : 0.000000172 seconds fast of NTP time

I can see my time source is stunningly accurate.

To confirm that your time source is working properly I would need to see
the output of the script.

/Basil n7nix

Mike B <kf5dey@...> writes:

First I would like to say, thanks to the documentation and how to
videos spread throughout the inter-tubes I have my DRAWS setup mostly

A continual problem I have is the GPS...and it might even be
associated a bit with RFI...tbd.

However in troubleshooting, I run (in the n7nix/gps folder)

RTC time always shows n/a. Is that because the pi doesn't see the RTC?
Is there any way to see if the RTC is working and has the correct

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