Re: Setting Up AARDOP with the #draws

Mike B

I will give big thanks to the developers and especially others like  KM4ACK.

For those wishing to attempt this, do the KM4ACK videos...very easy to follow and understand...but

Do them in this order... Big exception to his instructions... use the settings in the post above... (I use left audio connector)
"For a DRAWS hat left = gpio 12, right = gpio 23. Make sure that direwolf is NOT running."

./piardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0 -p GPIO=12

(if you don't put plughw:1,0 in twice, you will get an error)

Added this to .asoundrc
ref: ARDOPC.txt

pcm.ARDOP {
type rate
slave {
pcm "hw:1,0"
rate 12000

Install Winlink on Raspberry Pi 4 Part 1 2019 (also applies to a 3)

Install Winlink on Raspberry Pi 4 Part 2 2019  (only first bit, he tells you where to stop for DRAWS)


Pat Winlink on DRAWS

Final thoughts are I had to really crank up the output volume from the default to get any radio output. on your Pi or 'ip_address':8080 on networked computer to start the Web GUI "DRAWS Manager" to set your audio levels.

For me on an FT-857 the radio displays ALC levels, and I have an power meter connected to show the radio ouput wattage...I dial up the digital volume in the "DRAWS Manager" bit by bit until the ALC level is at the 3/4 mark (example in your radio manual) and output power should be close to what was set on the radio.

But I did log into a winlink station, send and receive email over HF, all while using a networked computer's web browser.

So for me, it is working 100%


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