Re: #DRAWS oddity, GPS and ALSA headaches #draws

Jack Spitznagel

Ok.... now, I did not notice that set of TEMP lines in the output because I
was so focused on the sound device/ALSA and GPS lines. I have heatsinks on
the Pi. I have not heard that lack of ventilation of the Pi on a Sunfounder
display is an issue even with hats in place... I do not use a wallwart.

The Pi has seemed to run happily off the aux 5V USB power out from the
Sunfounder 10' display. The display is fed from a 25A 13.9V power supply via
3A fused line from a multi-powerpole type distro panel. No problems in over
a year 'til now. I did notice the undervoltage lightning bolt on the X
display however. A crappy old DVM says the voltage is 13.77 at the plug to
the display with all other devices on the buss operating. I don't have a USB
voltage monitor around, so I don't know what the display USB line is putting
out but obviously the Pi thinks it is low.

The Pi did not seem to be acting sick by itself. Could it be the power
source or should I not trust the PI at all?

If you think I can trust the Pi, I could always take a different power
supply tactic and use the buck supply line in the DRAWs card for the Pi and
feed the display from a separate line.

Thanks for playing Doc!

Jack - KD4IZ

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Hi Jack,
If I could give out prizes for most interesting symptoms you would
definitely get a prize.

First Pass at your console output.
Drivers are loading fine, no software faults, hardware is definitely
stressed, gps not working, codec not working

Second Pass at your console output.
Your RPI is running at over 150F and will soon catch fire if you don't
DISCONNECT THE POWER. From vcgencmd throttled=0xd0005

- Temperature limit has occurred
- Throttling has occurred
- Under voltage has occurred
The RPi is currently running throttled & under-voltage

Just recently I have seen someone else's RPi start running really hot.
Also check your 5V RPi wall wart. Is it warm/hot?

/Basil n7nix

See embedded below.

Jack Spitznagel <> writes:

Hi Basil,

Just when I thought everything was pretty stable, I started to get
protests from xastir that my GPS wasn't behaving.
... snip...
---- sensors
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 171 Sep 19 2019 /etc/sensors.d/draws
Adapter: ISA adapter

Adapter: bcm2835 I2C adapter
+12V: +0.00 V
in5: +0.53 V
User ADC 1: +0.01 V
User ADC 2: +0.00 V

---- throttle

Should I wait for image 16, try another install then?

Do you see something that got flipped the wrong way by me when running
./ core?
Software config looks OK.

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