Re: #DRAWS oddity, GPS and ALSA headaches #draws

Jack Spitznagel

Hmmm... and Pi was feeding the DRAWS card, not visa-versa... but that should
not be causing the CPU to overheat!

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Ya that was a little too dramatic. While your RPi is running much hotter
than any of mine on the bench @ 69C it won't catch fire. It looks like the
"official" operating limit is around 85C and will start to thermally
throttle at around 82C which your RPi has already hit.

So yes your RPi is running suspiciously hot and no it probably won't catch

Basil Gunn <> writes:

Hi Jack,
If I could give out prizes for most interesting symptoms you would
definitely get a prize.

First Pass at your console output.
Drivers are loading fine, no software faults, hardware is definitely
stressed, gps not working, codec not working

Second Pass at your console output.
Your RPI is running at over 150F and will soon catch fire if you don't
DISCONNECT THE POWER. From vcgencmd throttled=0xd0005

- Temperature limit has occurred
- Throttling has occurred
- Under voltage has occurred
The RPi is currently running throttled & under-voltage

Just recently I have seen someone else's RPi start running really hot.
Also check your 5V RPi wall wart. Is it warm/hot?

/Basil n7nix

See embedded below.

Jack Spitznagel <> writes:

Hi Basil,

Just when I thought everything was pretty stable, I started to get
protests from xastir that my GPS wasn't behaving.
... snip...
---- sensors
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 171 Sep 19 2019 /etc/sensors.d/draws
Adapter: ISA adapter

Adapter: bcm2835 I2C adapter
+12V: +0.00 V
in5: +0.53 V
User ADC 1: +0.01 V
User ADC 2: +0.00 V

---- throttle

Should I wait for image 16, try another install then?

Do you see something that got flipped the wrong way by me when
running ./ core?
Software config looks OK.

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