ax25 transmitting but output is incorrect apparently so no connection

Mike B

I fear there are a few threads on this topic, but they are labeled random things.

For the record.  All transmit and receive in modes not using ax25 work just fine.

ax25 reception/decoding works fine.

ax25 transmission is the problem.

Tried APRS beaconing and winlink packet.  

APRS beaconing test does not send out a transmits, but noting worth hearing apparently...(other than obvoius test, second test was HT outside with unobstructed view of antenna...lots of other APRS beacons, but none from my station.

No errors, I have run the ./  it keys the transmitter and sends out some kind of modulated signal...but it is not APRS.

I can see the input meter to the radio, and the output power, so it is attempting to transmit something...but whatever it is sending is bad.

No connection using wl2kax -c (node). monitoring output with SDR, it is transmitting...Using a laptop winlink express and a Signalink using the exact same radio/freq/mode/ and node I get an immediate connection.   

Using telnet I get a good connection and transfer of data.

Only error is 'Connection timed out"

Where can I start troubleshooting/

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