Re: ax25 transmitting but output is incorrect apparently so no connection

Basil Gunn

Tried APRS beaconing and winlink packet.
APRS beaconing test does not send out a transmits, but
noting worth hearing apparently...(other than obvoius test, second
test was HT outside with unobstructed view of antenna...lots of other
APRS beacons, but none from my station.
What are you using to come to this conclusion?
As root run listen -a to see what packets are being sent.

No errors, I have run the ./ it keys the transmitter and sends
out some kind of modulated signal...but it is not APRS.
Yet your beacon packet appears in as an APRS message beacon
2020-03-30 11:35:04 PDT: KF5DEY-11>APUDR1,AC5V-15*,qAO,KF5DEY-1::KF5DEY :30 13:34:58 CDT KF5DEY mesg_beacon test from host draws on port udr0 Seq: 0

run ./ -h
To see possible arguments to use ie. to send an APRS position beacon use
./ -p

I can see the input meter to the radio, and the output power, so it is
attempting to transmit something...but whatever it is sending is bad.
I don't think an APRS message packet is bad. Also run ./ -p at
least 3 times so I can take a look (at at your APRS packets
that are getting gated back to

No connection using wl2kax -c (node). monitoring output with SDR, it
is transmitting...Using a laptop winlink express and a Signalink using
the exact same radio/freq/mode/ and node I get an immediate
I can't comment unless I see the console output & preferably a packet
spy trace using listen -a

Using telnet I get a good connection and transfer of data.
Only error is 'Connection timed out"
Once again I need to see console output to see what's happening.

Where can I start troubleshooting/
Send console output of all commands you are using.
Which mDin6 connector (left or right) is the cable going to your radio
connected to. Should be left.

Also would like to see output of

/Basil n7nix

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