Re: PAT with DRAWS on VHF

Basil Gunn

I am checking my configs do to a similar problem...(in a different thread)

But in this thread I noticed that Dave Christensen had..
*"ax25": {*
*"port": "udr0",*
*udr0 KD7UM-6 9600 255 2 Direwolf port*

My axports has *udr0* as the Winlink port, and that is the one selected in the wl2k.conf and in.wl2k/config.json

Is that correct? Just trying to troubleshoot.
The 6th argument in the axports line is an arbitrary description and
will not affect anything, except as a source of confusion.

The thing to note is the way the scripts set up ax.25 packet is udr0 is
the left mDin6 connector & udr1 is the right mDin6 connector. For your
case I'm assuming you are using the left mDin6 connnector and we will
just ignore udr1, the right connector for the time being.

/Basil n7nix

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