Re: ax25 transmitting but output is incorrect apparently so no connection

Mike B

I figured it was something obvious...

I still need to tweak the settings, but this is definitely the problem area.

So in my case I have to set the Audio to 0db and Digital to a high number..

I can connect to the winlink node.

with the digital set to high  (15-20db) I get the connections and was able to transmit a message...

...but occasionally I get read udr0: connection timed out. 

This pops up WHILE my radio is still the particular instance it was just a reply to your greeting, so not a long message...but in looking at the reply it generated...there was a whole list of recipients...not sure what was going on...not your fault.

So anyway...seems to be working now thanks to your help.

I really don't understand the audio settings (Draws Manager)...can you explain a bit more about what the settings mean, and what is going on?

Yes I was monitoring the ALC and at low power the ALC is high...but at 50w the ALC is right at the sweet spot...I really don't understand that either.

I don't have a scope adapter yet to monitor the output...but it seems to be fine doing the audio test with my HT.

Thanks again,


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