Re: when will the new hats ship?

Charles Blackburn <wx4cb@...>

last email was basically a "shrug" ..... first was end of feb, then end of march, now looks to be end of april.

as posted on "the blog" at


The “Stay at Home” order by Governor Inslee of Washington State, has impacted some of our vendors, delaying the DRAWS™ run. We will keep you apprised.

So it’s time for a sale on the ThumbDV™ !

Might as well contact Hams on the reflectors using DSTAR, DMR or Fusion from your PC at home.

Normally $119.95, on Sale NOW for $99.95 at least until the order is lifted, or we run out of inventory.

Price Protection Policy: If you ordered a ThumbDV™ in the last 30 days, email sales@... for a $20 refund.

On 4/6/2020 2:38 PM, Robert J. MIller 8.7 & 24 challenger via wrote:
Any projected date for the shipment of the new Draws hats?


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