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Basil Gunn

It can sometimes take up to 15 minutes for the GPS device to achieve a

If your GPS antenna is indoors with a metal roof or in your basement or
live in a subterranean home or live in a forest or live by a power
distribution center you may never get a lock until you put your GPS
antenna outside.

When I run gpsmon it just outputs garbage, see below
That is not garbage. That is exactly what the GPS device will output
before it has sufficient satellites locked.

gaoth@... writes:

I originally purchased a DRAWS last April, played with it a bit and
had some trouble, got busy so set it aside and hadn’t touched it until
a couple of days ago when I started working with a a little bit more,
and I am still having issues. I have it running direwolf and that is
working, I can connect to the raspberry pi with a remote computer
running xastir and revice agwpe data, but the GPS doesn't appear to be

When I run gpsmon it just outputs garbage, see below

root@draws:/home/pi/bin# gpsmon
tcp://localhost:2947 JSON slave driver>
(82) {"class":"VERSION","release":"3.20","rev":"3.20","proto_major":3,"proto_minor":14}
(263) {"class":"DEVICES","devices":[{"class":"DEVICE","path":"/dev/ttySC0","activated":"2020-04-08T16:45:43.266Z","native":0,"bps":9600,"parity":"N","stopbit
(122) {"class":"WATCH","enable":true,"json":false,"nmea":false,"raw":2,"scaled":false,"timing":false,"split24":false,"pps":true}

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