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Gayland Gump

On your pi under Raspberry Menu/Accessories/SD Card Copier assuming that you've managed to pickup a usb sd card reader/writer when you've either purchased and SD card or bought one ( a very useful item in Pi World).  Instructions for using it should be readily available with a bit of internet searching.

This is the simplest, most straightforward method I know of.  Have a few SD cards handy and when you make any significant changes to your system, use this to make a backup.


On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 4:06 AM Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ via <> wrote:
Follow up question.................

Now that I have a stable config with NWDR-15 : How do I use a USB micro
SD Card device
to replicate the entire active SD card?


On 4/9/2020 5:49 PM, Basil Gunn wrote:
> Hi there, i have 2 questions related to the DRAWs hat on a Raspberry
>> Pi 3B+
>>     - Is there current guidance for applying operating system updates on an
>>     RPi 3b+ running the DRAWs hat? I'm running the stock image from ~1 year ago
>>     still.
> If you are running on an image that's about a year old I would recommend
> starting from a current image. The reason is around May of last year
> some of Anna's driver patches for the DRAWS/UDRC hat where being
> accepted into the mainline Linux kernel. After all the patches made it
> into the kernel everything worked well. Unfortunately the patches
> dribbled in and things were unstable for a few months beginning last
> summer.
>>      I updated not long after getting it and there was a conflict (at
>>     the time) with the audio driver so reverted back to the base image
>>     at the time
>>     - Is there a list, or document, describing which relevant config files
>>     should be backed up to be able to restore my system in the event of a SD
>>     card failure?
> Depends on what applications you configured, so no.
>>        - Or is there a script that collects the files and spits out a
>>        tarball?
> Nope. I could probably do it for packet ie. ax.25/direwolf/RMS
> gateway/paclink-unix but the HF programs configuration do not follow any
> established convention ... that I am aware of.
>>        - I've run 'prog_refresh -c' a few times lately and it shows updates
>>     available for a couple of software packages, but when i then run
>>     'prog_refresh' it doesn't update them
> I would have to see console output to comment on this.
>>        - I have run 'git pull' prior to 'prog_refresh -c'
>> Any pointers to messages about this stuff would be fine too, i was
>> searching through and haven't hit pay dirt yet.
> To be clear, I don't back-up most of my SD cards. However, since I know
> how to squish the file system & compress the image I tend to store
> complete SD card images. ie. a 16 GB SD card image can be reduced to
> about a 2.5GB image file. This image file can be used to (re)create any SD
> card equal to or greater than 16GB. Building & burning images is done on
> a Linux workstation.
> The reason I don't back-up is that with the scripts I have made available I
> can start from a fresh mSD card and install/configure anything in
> around 30 minutes. For instance I can create a 1200/9600 baud
> point-to-point or RMS Gateway Winlink packet station in that time.
> /Basil n7nix

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