Routing to RMS gateway via digipeater with axparms? #ax25

Jay S

I need to route my email through a digipeater (KH7RFI-7) to reach an RMS gateway (WC7EC-10). I tried the following:
    sudo axparms -route add udr0 WC7EC-10 KF7RFI-7
I then created an email in mutt, and used the command:
    wl2kax25 -c WC7EC-10
At the same time I am monitoring with listen -s in another term window. It appears that I am still trying to connect directly to the gateway, not via the digipeater.
    udr0: fm KI7JS to WC7EC-10 ctl SABM+ (repeated 7 times, then "connection timed out" from wl2kax25)

What am I doing wrong? I suspect the route command is wrong. Or maybe I should reboot or restart ax25?

FWIW I can use the same system to connect to another gateway directly. I can also drive to a place I can reach wc7ec and it works OK. I can also
see beacons from KF7RFI when monitoring with listen -a. 


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