setalsa for Yaesu FT-8900? #ax25 #ft-8900

Jay S

I am trying to use an FT-8900 and having some trouble with setup. I used the spreadsheet and got bogged down trying to use draws-manager. The manual shows data-in max input level 40mV p-p for 1200 bps and pin 5 maximum output 300 mV p-p.Spreadsheet gives PCM = -7.5, LO = -6.0 if I'm using it right.

I tried using draws-manager to set these levels. The radio transmits but the signal sounds weak/funny and never gets any response from the gateway. It can copy beacons from the gateway. I suspect there's more I need to do to make it work with the 8900. I see several users who are connected to 8900, but no details of what they had to do. This leads me to 2 questions:

- Does somebody have a working setalsa script for the FT-8900R? Or maybe confirm what settings you're using?
- I tried to set up on port udr1. The setalsa scripts all seem to assume udr0. Is there a trick I'm missing to configure udr1?

I am able to use Alinco 110 (thanks for the setalsa, Basil) on this setup with APRS and paclink-unix. I have tried plugging the 8900 into udr1 and using the Alinco settings but the results are same, even if I change the analog and digital gain in Draws manager.



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