Re: Backups and Updates

Mike B

I don't know if I did the git pull the first time, but I definitely did it this time...

...I have the same result, I wonder if I need to start over.

pi@draws:~/n7nix/hfprogs $ ./ -s
Display swap space used.
Using swap space: 137312
swap size: 1048572 1048572

pi@draws:~/n7nix/hfprogs $ ./
js8call: current version: 2.1.1, installed: 2.1.1
wsjtx:   current version: 2.1.2, installed: 2.1.2
Library: libflxmlrpc IS loaded.
flxmlrpc:  current version: 0.1.4, installed: 0.1.4
fldigi:  current version: 4.1.12, installed: 4.1.12
fldigi version built (4.1.09) does not match source version (4.1.12)
flrig:  current version: 1.3.50, installed: 1.3.50
flmsg:  current version: 4.0.14, installed: 4.0.14
flamp:  current version: 2.2.05, installed: 2.2.05
fllog:  current version: 1.2.6, installed: 1.2.6

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