Re: Updated and running but... #winlink

Basil Gunn


The stat directory in /etc/rmsgw might have the wrong owner &

sudo su
cd /etc/rmsgw
ls -al stat
chown -R rmsgw:rmsgw stat
ls -al stat

/Basil n7nix

RMS Gateway not showing up on the Winlink map or the Winlink RMS list.
From the Linux RMS Gateway install for UDRC README file.

Test using rmsgw_aci & rmschanstat
rmsgw_aci = Winlink gateway automatic check-in

# as rmsgw run rmsgw_aci & rmschanstat

sudo -u rmsgw rmsgw_aci
channel udr0 with callsign N0CSM-10 on interface ax0 up

sudo -u rmsgw rmschanstat ax25 udr0 NOCSM-10
channel udr0 with callsign NOCSM-10 on interface ax0 up

# Verify that rmsgw_aci is in crontab
sudo -u rmsgw crontab -l

# Is your RPi connected to the Internet?

Craig McVeay <> writes:

I finally had a chance to sit down and update to the latest build for
the DRAWS. It is setup, working properly for connections but, after 24
hours, it's not showing up on the map or the RMS list. I've tested and
double checked that the gateway connects and sends traffic both

Any advice would be appreciated.


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