GPS Troubleshooting

Mike B

I am starting this thread because, well my battery went dead, so I have the long wait to reacquire...and I was searching these threads and could no longer find the reference.

I know I saw some troubleshooting steps here a while ago.

First of all I pulled the battery, and it was down around half a was brand new when I put it in a couple of months ago, and the draws has pretty much been powered most of the that 40 day battery life unpowered is not a thing...OR it is 40 days per battery, powered on or not.

As I remember, if you can't get satellite info, you try running it without a battery etc.

So Basil, could you refresh my memory on GPS troubleshooting?

(Mine had been working fine till maybe a day or two ago...powered up most of the time)

So now the system time is correct including date...but the time/date listed on gpsmon is 2026-02-11...and I believe this is what happens when the onboard RTC loses power...and it will correct itself eventually (24hours?)


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