Re: Chromium issue...

Basil Gunn

So I run Pat for winlink capability...
I don't support PAT. I do support paclink-unix and mutt, claws-mail, rainloop
mail apps

...I started having a lot of timeout problems so I was monitoring axlisten...
Where did you get axlisten? The NWDR image comes with listen.

There I noticed a problem with Chromium. ...Chromium is apparently
broadcasting Upnp info over the udr0: port...triggering the radio to
transmit...and or interrupting other packet comm and completely
screwing up the data transmission.
The NWDR image comes configured with iptables to prevent that. I take it
you are not using the NWDR image? iptables gets setup when you run
./ core if you follow the "Getting Started Guide".

Is there something in the Draws config that can stop that...or are the
IP address ports for udr0 and udr1 enabling it
Yes I am well aware of the Chromecast problem, as well as
Bonjour/Multicast DNS, Dropbox, Samba broadcasts. All of those apps bind
to all Network interfaces. iptables fixes that.

I know that Pat is not part of Draws...but Chromium comes
installed...and whenever Chromium is running it attempts to send
packets over udr0:

Anywhere I can look for info?

udr0: fm KF5xxx-10 to QST ctl UI pid=CC(IP) len 195 13:13:34IP: len 195> ihl 20 ttl 1 DF prot UDPUDP: len 175
58661->1900 Data 167M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1HOST:
"ssdp:discover"MX: 1ST: urn:dial-multiscreen-org:service:dial:1USER-AGENT:
Chromium/78.0.3904.108 Linux

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