Re: Chromium issue...

Basil Gunn

If you use an NWDR SD card image and follow the "Getting Started"
instructions then iptables will get installed properly. Along with
iptables, the iptables-persistent package also gets installed.

Running script by itself MIGHT work to fix your
problem. Running ./ core as is described in the "Getting
Started" WILL definitely work because that is what I test.

One of the things the script does is it creates a
/lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/70-ipv4.ax25 file that restores iptables rules
from a boot. That is most likely missing in your current setup but might
not be the only thing missing.

I would recommend starting with a fresh NWDR image & following the
"Getting Started" Guide.

/Basil n7nix

Mike B <> writes:

Ok, the does reinstall the iptables...

...but when I reboot, they get overwritten again...

Now I have to figure out what is in the startup sequence that can over write the iptables...
...I do know that every time chromium opens it want to do an upgrade..

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