Re: Teamviewer install on Raspberry PI

Basil Gunn

J P,

Thanks for providing detailed instructions on teamviewer. Not that
teamviewer isn't an effective tool but really all I need is to
ssh into an RPi. <The rest of this message is a rant>

Having said that, I REALLY DO NOT want to be the Linux support guy at
that level. If you do not enjoy trying to figure things out then using
an RPi for HAM radio may not be your thing. To quote Bruce Perens from a
number of years ago: "Well, let's just say, 'if your VCR is still
blinking 12:00, you don't want Linux.'”

I've tried to make a set of scripts that will work consistently
installing & configuring packet & HF modes. If you use them & follow
instructions they will work. If you decide to be creative & do something
else then by all means post your problems to the forum but don't expect
me to respond.

I can take the NWDR image, burn it to an mSD card & configure some HAM
digital mode in around 1/2 hour. I provide everything on github that
would allow you to do the same. If you find that useful, great.

J P Watters via <> writes:

Rather than HIJACK another thread, I recommend the installing
Teamviwer on Buster to be able to remotely assist others with issues.

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