Re: Pac-Link vs WL2k Peer to Peer

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ


Thank you for the beacon script offer. I accept.

I would like to beacon "KD9FRQ on air and monitoring"

73, Ed, KD9FRQ

On 6/1/2020 9:53 AM, Basil Gunn wrote:
Is Pac-Link always able to receive a message via a Peer-to-Peer
connection like the PC-based WinLink when it is set in Peer-to-Peer mode?
Correct. Note that paclink-unix is ALWAYS listening for someone doing a
Peer-to-Peer connection to your call sign. You don't have to manually
set the mode "like the Windows based WinLink Express".

If you want to verify which call sign, SSIDs that AX.25 is listening on, run
this in a console.

netstat --ax25

The "<your_callsign>-0" entry also listens for "<your_callsign>" with no

If I am not xmitting how do others know I am on line and able to take mail?
If you send me the text that you would like to beacon I will send you a
script that will use the beacon command to send out a "beacon"
periodically using cron.

Take a look at the & scripts in n7nix/debug.
They are more complicated than you will require because they pull your
lat/lon from gpsd. Scroll to the bottom of the script & look for
variable "beacon_msg" to get some idea how it works.


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