Re: Connecting and immediate disconnect #winlink

Basil Gunn


I won't know much until I see some console output from the RMS Gateway

If I had to guess, since N0CSM-10 is not showing up in the Winlink packet
RMS list, you did not configure the Winlink Automatic Check-in properly.

If your gateway call sign (N0CSM-10) is not used to "check-in" with
Winlink web services on a regular basis your call sign gets dropped from
Winlink's valid gateway list after around a year & a month. Among other
things your Raspberry Pi gateway needs to be connected to the Internet
for the "check-in" to work.

To verify this guess, get my latest scripts and send me the console output of
the following from your raspberry pi:

cd n7nix
git pull

cd rmsgw

/Basil n7nix

Craig McVeay <> writes:

Using the most recent image file (downloaded today, new image setup) and everything appears to be running properly until I connect to the RMS Gateway. On the Client end, I see this:

*** Starting to call N0CSM-10
*** Opening serial port COM4; 9600 baud; Kenwood TH-D7/D72 A-Band
*** Connecting to N0CSM-10
*** Connected to N0CSM-10 at 2020/06/16 01:52:30

*** Connected to N0CSM-10 at 2020/06/16 01:52:32

*** Disconnected at 2020/06/16 01:52:38

*** Disconnect reported.

Any suggestions?


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