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Have the 7300 here and have been using it for several years (yes – early adopter). Everything available over USB depending on rig settings and mode of operation are: Audio Out (analog), Audio In (digital control of rig’s “DAC”), data for C-IV rig control, data RTTY decode, limited IQ for SDR program (including ICOM’s RS-BA1 and HRD) *if* you use the remote and serial control for C-IV).


Unfortunately my test bed DRAWS unit suffered a somewhat mysterious issue and demise, so pending a replacement, I have not continued to experiment with it to any degree.


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I have a 7300 but haven't been able to exercise it yet. I have been living in an apartment for the last year with no antennas :(

Most of these applications are looking for AF which the USB soundcard should provide.



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thanks for the info. It makes sense that the soundcard output is not just RTTY. For the ACC socket on the IC-7300, is there both digital (soundcard) and analog capability? Or am I misunderstanding the cryptically worded users manual.. To me it seems you can select either AF or IF data but the format (digital vs. analog) is unclear.





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