Audio input issue #udrc

Eric Grumling <eric@...>

My trusty crusty TM-D700 finally gave up and I wanted to build a new mobile rig based around an FT-897 that hasn’t seen much use since upgrading my home station. Going through the parts bin I found my first generation UDRC board. I want to use primarily for APRS, but also HF digital modes from time to time. I have everything to the point where it should work. The station does transmit APRS beacons using Xastir (seen on routed through nearby digipeaters, and decoded by my TH-d72), but is not able to receive anything. When I view the waterfall in FLDIGI I don’t see the usual blue/yellow/red, only black, with an extremely low noise floor. I have modified the 6-pin DIN plug to remove COS. I checked a few things in alsamixer but the UDRC (or pulse audio) has a lot of extra sliders that I’m not used to. The only setting in alsamixer that changes anything on FLDIGI is when I unmute ADCFGA L, the green level indicator pegs but still nothing on the waterfall. I have verified radio outputs audio using a Rigblaster PNP and MacBook Pro.

Thanks for all the help I doubt I would have got this far without this group.


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